Friday, 30 November 2012

REVERSION wins Best Technical Quality at ANIMAHENASYON 2012

REVERSION was given the award for Best in Technical Quality at the just concluded ANIMAHENASYON 2012 Animation Festival.

We are very thankful to the Animation Council of the Philippines for recognizing the hardwork and artistry that our team put into this short film and for including us in this special event which was graced by notable persons from the global stage.

The award caps off a remarkable year for The Magic Movie Machine and its team of first-time animators.  While we set the bar for ourselves as high as we could given our lack of experience, the recognition of our efforts remains to be unprecedented and we are humbled by the attention various groups have given to our team and REVERSION.

Most of all, we are very thankful to the viewers around the world who watched our short film, gave praise or criticism, and we are very happy for those who may be inspired by this project to create their own short pieces of animated entertainment.

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