Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Beneath The Heel of a Steel Boot..."

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For today's update we have an image of a character turntable.  The story of REVERSION depicts the ordeal of an incident's last survivor in an Ethercorp facility in the African Congo.  This turntable shows in great detail this key character of the film.  The design was used to help depict in some ways an off-putting side to Ethercorp's operation in the Congo in that it employed a militarized form of security in a region where regulation is known to be very fast and loose.


This suit embodies some of the underlying philosophy we have regarding how to design characters for a certain type of story.

The first consideration we had regarding this, was that we wanted a slightly contemporary, near-future look to everything in REVERSION.  I am sure many of you noted in the earlier updates how the sets seemed futuristic but also didn't seem too far away from today in terms of years.

The armor follows a similar bent, so early on we knew, for example, we wouldn't be using the kinds of design directions seen in costumes for Halo or Crysis.  To wit, we wanted something that looked like it could be assembled by a prop master in a garage.

In very early drafts of the story the character was originally some kind of mercenary, but later it seemed better for the story that Ethercorp hadn't hired a one-off military character, but perhaps had always relied on a militarized security force in the Congo all along.  This "corporate military shock trooper" subtheme is something left into  the current format of REVERSION but cannot be expounded further in the 11 minute format.  But because we wanted to at least service this aspect of the story, the character carries the official Ethercorp branding, particularly on the back of the helmet.

Throughout the short, the character employs some information aids and instruments.  This led to slightly assymetric design for the mounting of these instruments, particularly in the left arm gauntlet armor.  In addition, the plate where the helmet optics are mounted is rotatable.

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