Sunday, 4 March 2012

"The End is only The Beginning..."

Welcome to the official blog page for our animated short film, REVERSION.

REVERSION is the first 11-minute animated film for hobbyist writer and film director Giancarlo Ng.  The film also represents the first film project effort by The Magic Movie Machine collaborative animation team.  The team was formed on January 10, 2010 and for many of its members, REVERSION represents their first foray into Computer Generated animation.

This blog page, launched as the film is currently receiving its finishing touches, embodies the culmination of two years worth of studying, experimentation, and learning.

We are humbled by your presence on our web blog and we look forward to sharing the remarkable experience that is REVERSION to all of you; whether you are fans of animation, or students of film and animation who may be interested in this type of endeavor.

This blog page will be updated in the coming weeks with images and other updates from this new 11-minute Short film.  We look forward to you sharing this journey with us.


Release Date: to-be-announced

Genre: Action-Thriller

The Magic Movie Machine
(collaborative animation team)

This film will be available around the world via streaming video sites.

Plot Summary:
In the aftermath of a disastrous incident, a biological research facility in the African Congo harbors a dark secret...

Artwork, Visual Effects, and Animation:
Sidney Carlos Moraes, jr.
Mitchell Sahl
William Oglesby
Stefano Marcias
Brian Truhlar
Anton Victor Espelita
Ravi Sampath
Wes Talbott
Ben Hansen

Sound Engineering, Audio, and Other Talent:
Jeffrey Alan Pitts
Jeff Hubbard
Laird Fryer
Russ Knight
Dan Kremer
Daniela Hummel

Music by: Dan Eckert

Written and Directed by: Giancarlo Ng

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