Saturday, 10 March 2012

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Alright, it's time to let the proverbial cat... er... lizard out of the bag.  We were planning to release these later on as part of a possible collection with a number of variants.  But this particular piece of our kit is probably the worst kept secret of this project.

So we've decided it's time to let it out officially.
Yes REVERSION should be available on selected video streaming sites this Summer.

The images are HD sized for Landscape or Vertical displays.  Perfect for tablets and HD monitors.  So enjoy these, people.  It's all in the spirit of sharing.

In the meantime, we will continue to talk about how the film came together and we have some interesting content lined up.  Have a good weekend, everybody!


The poster is a throwback to the Drew Struzan 80's film posters that were all paintings based on posed human actors, except this time, it's a painting over a posed CG figure and the style has been updated for a modern audience.  It helps that the "paintover" was done by the CG character's final designer, Wes Talbott, who is also our texture map painter.

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