Saturday, 24 March 2012

"Toys for the Big Boys...."

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For every large weapon load out, there is always a sidearm.  This is a fictional Cal 0.45 chambered hammerless pistol.  It doesn't look like much, but it draws quickly and is handy in a pinch.


Sidearms and pistols are an interesting element in prop design or in the movies themselves.  I've observed that for many characters, pistols can be a descriptor for the character or an extension of the character's expression.  This is notable in films like Robocop where original plans to use a Desert Eagle Mk XIX were changed because the Eagle didn't have a profile large enough for the bulky armor.  In other films characters sometimes carry a firearm that helps to add to them in other ways, or helps to reinforce certain details.  The twin gold-plated 1911's from "Face Off" come to mind.

Of course, no true audience will be able to pause a film all the time and notice immediately the differences, but the amount of detail that goes into what is the most personal of firearms is still notable.

The mention of Robocop's Auto-9 fictional pistol is interesting in the case of REVERSION because, following how we were desigining the armor and the other weapons, we were obviously going to go down a similar route because we wanted a pistol that was really a cross up of many pistols.  However, in keeping with scenes in the story involving this weapon, we didn't want a pistol that looked like another primary weapon.  In animation and games, sometimes I feel some designers just go off to try and make the coolest weapon possible regardless of its role so sometimes we see pistols that are almost as large as  some of the other weapons.  For REVERSION, we wanted a clear size variety in the weapons.  The story calls for the pistol to be a sidearm, so a sidearm cannot look like another primary weapon.

We also didn't want a pistol that looked more advanced or too different from the other weapons.
Therefore, we opted, in the same bent as our Sniper Rifle, we started with most of the features from the ever-reliable Beretta M9.  Then we looked at things we liked in the various Glock pistols and the USP 0.40.  This pistol is modeled by William Oglesby, who I believe had to show some restraint.  To wit, the original version of this pistol was in fact going to be the size of a Desert Eagle Mk XIX.  But discipline meant we ended up with a smaller weapon.
Lastly, the FX team had quite a field day doing the pistol's final finishing.  We looked at all the different types of Pistol finishing colors like INOX, Blued-finish, and Bruniton colors.  Pistols are interesting in this area, because the laminations do have some effect on how light bounces off them.
P.S.: We're only a few days now from the trailer.  It's looking really good.
Ciao for now.

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